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embreze® - 18 Feb 2022

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags: The right choice?

Do you love to drink tea? Then you will have to choose between loose tea and tea in tea bags. We often prefer tea in tea bags over loose leaf tea, but that has little to do with the taste or health of tea. Tea bags are quick and easy to use and the choice of types and flavors is increasing all the time. But what exactly is the difference between tea and tea in tea bags and which is the healthiest of these two?

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags: The right choice?
Tea Blog

Tea quality

Tea has a long history, which started centuries ago in China and Japan. Originally, only loose leaf tea was produced without using tea bags. Teabags were invented in 1908. Both loose leaf tea and the tea that is used in teabags come from the same tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference between tea and teabags lies in the production process. During sorting, the larger tea leaves are separated from the smaller ones. The tea is then placed in several classes. We make a distinction between tea made from whole leaves, broken tea in coarse pieces, and small pieces. Organic loose leaf tea guarantees the healthiest tea with the most nutrients

Big and small tea leaves

There are some important differences between big and small (pieces of) tea leaves. Small tea leaves release their aroma faster. Teabags allow you to make your tea much faster. Unfortunately, these are the only benefits of bagged tea.

The difference between tea leaves and teabags

There are not only differences in the production of tea and bagged tea. Important differences are also noted concerning the health effects of tea. As a result of its processing, tea in bags contains far fewer healthy nutrients. And tea bags from the supermarket contain the least amount of healthy nutrients. Loose leaf tea consists of whole or unbroken tea leaves which means that it undergoes less processing. As a result, the number of healthy nutrients is almost completely preserved. This is certainly the case with organic tea.

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Types of tea

Just like tea in bags, there is also a wide range of loose leaf tea available on the market. You will undoubtedly find most types of loose leaf tea online. You can choose between classic tea, organic tea, organic loose tea, loose green tea, loose black tea, loose herbal tea. Loose rooibos tea is also very popular. Organic tea and organic loose leaf tea contain the most healthy nutrients with no added ingredients.

Teabags contain broken tea leaves

Teabags contain broken tea leaves. They are often, but not always, machined according to the so-called CTC method. As a result, there is a lot of tea grit or dust in tea bags. By mechanically grinding the tea leaves, they also lose a lot of flavoring oils.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea is unprocessed and has better quality than tea bags. It also undergoes much less processing and contains a high amount of antioxidants. It protects us against the free radicals that damage our body cells through oxidative stress. Free radicals can also make us sick and significantly speed up our natural aging process. Compared to teabags, drinking loose leaf tea gives you a higher concentration of healthy nutrients. Teabags often contain chemicals, even glue. Therefore, loose leaf tea is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. More and more producers are now opting for fully biodegradable tea bags. Organic tea is the healthiest tea with the greatest concentration of healthy nutrients. However, if you do consider using teabags for your convenience, then try the natural tea filters of Embreze. Our natural tea filters are 100% biodegradable. It is very simple to use. It is suitable for a teacup as well as a teapot. In addition, our tea filter bag does not affect the taste of your tea. The tea filter bags have enough space for the tea leaves. This will allow the tea leaves to release all their flavors. So you can still enjoy the delicious flavors and aroma of the loose tea leaves.

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Loose leaf tea or teabags: which tastes best?

The choice between loose leaf tea and tea bags is personal. However, it is a fact that loose tea tastes better because it can release all its flavors and it is also healthier. The concentration of flavoring oils is also smaller. Here are the main differences between loose tea and bagged tea at a glance:

  • Tea without a bag is coarser than bag tea.
  • Due to its machining process, tea in tea bags often consists of so-called tea grit and dust.
  • Tea leaves have less space in bags, so depending on the bag size they cannot always unfold well during brewing.
  • Bagged teas often contain chemicals to enhance their taste and aroma.
  • Bagged tea has a shorter brewint time and is easier to use.

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